March 24, 2012

Edge Gallery: DIY FEST

The Edge Gallery at 611 Main Street
A 3 day hand made sale with a bunch of other awesome stuff, too!

Cat Haus DIY
Mel Wesley of Villekula
Wood Working by Toby
Ceramics by Rebecca Wong 
Jewelry by Jacqueline Young
Plus lots of awesome art on the walls will be for sale!

March 30 from 7 pm until 11 pm
There will be live acoustic music was well as slam poetry and book readings!
Sheldon Birnie (Cheering for the Bad Guy)
Aaron Simm (Pop Soda's Tuesday night poetry slams)

March 31 from noon until 8 pm
A full day of talks and DIY demos! 
Dave Van Den Bossche (DIY guitars and effects pedals)
Tiff Bartel (DIY puppet making)
Sheldon Birnie (publishing and writing)
Chesterfield Magazine (Winnipeg's DIY art zine)
Mel Wesley (DIY menstrual pads)
David Skene (No Label music collective)
Charles Granger (self recording and making music videos)
Kelly Ruth (DIY fabric dying with plants)
Dany Reede (DIY stamp making demo)
Rhonda Kennedy Rogers (encaustic painting demo)
Hannah G (mastermind behind Peggay Licious)
Anna with a presentation on Urban Shaman
The Mondragon (Winnipeg's favorite vegan coop) 
Ben Clarkson (Zines and self promotion)

April 1st from noon until 5 pm  activities TBA

Contact Kara to get involved!

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