October 3, 2012

I Shot it on 16 - Bolex Film Experiment

October 9, 7:30 pm
Frame Arts Warehouse, 318 Ross

Open City Cinema presents: 
The Winnipeg Film Group's I SHOT IT ON 16! BOLEX FILM EXPERIMENT
This is a pay what you can event. 
All proceeds will go to space rental and future screenings.

Over the summer, each filmmaker, given a Bolex Camera, shot a short film, had it processed, printed, and manipulated through processes such as tinting, toning, scratching, waxing, gluing, boiling, etc., then edited it back together on a flat bed Steenbeck.

The filmmakers are:
James Dixon
Matheu Plouffe
Jim Pomeroy
Paul Carvelli
Lawrence Bird
Ian Bawa
Omar Velasquez
David Greisman
Fabian Velasco
Rhayne Vermette
Aaron Zeghers
Mike Maryniuk

On this night, you will get to see the fruits of their labor.
As well we will be presenting an additional special screening of surprise films.

The workshop is an opportunity to experiment with various techniques on 16mm film. 
This is going to be a really fun and exciting event!!

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