October 14, 2012

Women Gathering - This Is My Canadian Body

The next Women Gathering meeting is 
October 16, from 5:30 - 7 pm 
the Women's Health Clinic, 419 Graham Avenue

Women Gathering is a group of Manitoban women envisioning and pushing for socially just communities and politics. 

Any questions? Email

Have kids? Bring them. 
We can also help arrange child-minding if needed.
The Clinic is wheelchair accessible.
Most downtown buses stop just down the street at The Bay. 
There is free street parking on the surrounding street as of 5:30.

SO much has happened - the shut-down on M312 (and Rona Ambrose's vote for it), more cuts to local organizations, and tons of plans in the works for Women Gathering.

We're looking for women interested in being part of a research committee and an outreach committee! 
If you have anything to share with the group, feel free to present to us or bring materials to the meeting! 

Did you miss the video party to help This Is My Canadian Body put together a Canadian version of this inspiring video?
No problem.

The deadline is October 30.

From This Is My Canadian Body:
We want this campaign to be heard by everyone, and be a call to women in Canada to speak up and act. Not only for the freedom to choose our own reproductive paths, but to also speak up about all equality. We have a voice, it's time we spoke together as one.

We want you to make your own videos, and send them in to us. 
You can either use the speech in the Note
or you can use your own words (we encourage you to voice your thoughts).

If you want to voice your opinion but don't want to be on camera, please send us an email.  We will try to include some text opinions in the video as well.

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