October 22, 2012

Ruth Madeleine Hodder l Russ Gourluck l Randy Turner l Crafts with Brook Drabot & Chandra Mayor

A Requiem, Armenian Style: A Memoir
October 28, 2 pm
Millennium Library, Carol Shields Auditorium (2nd floor)

Russ Gourluck
October 28, 2:00 pm in the Atrium
Silver Screens on the Prairies: An Illustrated History of Motion Picture Theatres in Manitoba

For more than a century, Manitobans have gathered in theatres across the province to thrill to the magic of motion pictures. Movie houses have ranged from luxurious “picture palaces” to convenient neighbourhood cinemas. Most towns and villages, some with only a few hundred residents, had their own theatres or commandeered community halls. 
In the 1950s, drive-in theatres provided steamy-windowed memories that have outlived the sometimes-precarious screens. 

After a 33-year career as a teacher and principal in Manitoba’s public school system, Russ Gourluck is now pursuing writing. He is the author of The Mosaic Village: An Illustrated History of Winnipeg’s North End, A Store Like No Other: Eaton’s of Winnipeg and Going Downtown: A History of Winnipeg’s Portage Avenue as well as Picturing Manitoba: Legacies of The Winnipeg Tribune.

Russ is also signing on
November 4, 1:00-3:00 pm by the Cash Desk

Randy Turner, Monday October 29, 6:00 - 9:00 pm  by the Cash Desk
The First Season Winnipeg Jets 2011-2012 Inaugural Season

This limited edition book highlights the Jets return to Winnipeg, from the purchase of the team to the first goal to the last game of the year. 
The First Season is written by award-winning sportswriter Randy Turner and is a true fan’s collector’s item. Behind-the-scenes photos you’ve never seen before, team and player stats and a true story, fuelled by passion.

Sharing Craft
October 29, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in the Travel Alcove

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library invites all crafters to drop in to the Travel Alcove at McNally Robinson Booksellers where you are encouraged to share your craft challenges and joys with skilled crafters from MCML. The featured craftspeople are Brook Drabot (lampworked glass) and Chandra Mayor (embroidery).

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll-Free 1-800561-1833)

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