October 26, 2012

The Writers’ Union of Canada l Nora Gould, Charlene Diehl & Ariel Gordon

The Writers’ Union of Canada 40th Anniversary Chair’s Tour
November 1, 5:00 - 6:00 pm in the Atrium 

Margaret Laurence called us a “tribe” and we are gathering to talk about what it means to be a Canadian writer today. 
All are welcome. 
Hear the latest on copyright, eBooks, Library & Archives Canada, PLR and the new Digital Landscape.  Share your views, mingle with other writers and meet Merilyn Simonds. 

In addition to serving as this year’s chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada Merilyn Simonds is adjunct professor of creative writing in the MFA program at UBC, and artistic director of the Kingston WritersFest. She has published sixteen books, non-fiction and fiction. 
Her most recent work is The Paradise Project.

Nora Gould
November 1, 7:00 pm in the Atrium
I see my love more clearly from a distance 
with guest poet Charlene Diehl, followed by a conversation moderated by Ariel Gordon

The Prairie itself is a central character: muse, mythic persona, the place of deepest solace and of deepest questioning. Nora Gould writes from east central Alberta where she ranches with her family and volunteers in wildlife rehabilitation with the Medicine River Wildlife Centre. 

Guest poet Charlene Diehl is a writer, educator, critic, teacher and the director of THIN AIR, Winnipeg’s annual literary splash. Excerpts from her memoir Out of Grief, Singing, which appeared in Prairie Fire, won a western Canadian Magazine Gold Award. She edits dig! Magazine, Winnipeg’s little-jazz-engine-that-could. 
A conversation between Gould & Diehl will be moderated by fellow poet Ariel Gordon. Gordon’s first full-length collection, Hump, was shaped by pregnancy and mothering. 

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