October 14, 2012

West End Cultural Centre’s 25th Anniversary

Oct 20
The West End Cultural Centre’s 25th Anniversary
Doors 7:15 pm | Show 8:00 pm
Tickets: $25 advance

The following artists/pairings have been confirmed along with artists that 
will be honoured. Both lists are confirmed but by no means exhaustive.

Collaborative pairings for the 25th Anniversary Concert are:
Nicky Mehta & Nancy Reinhold
Vanessa Kuzina & Heather Bishop
Keri Latimer & Red Moon Road
Sam Baardman & Lloyd Peterson & Daniel Roa
Andrina Turrenne & Hugo Torres
Lorenzo & Jessee Havey
JD Edwards & Cara Luft
Nathan Rogers & Ismaila Alfa

These artists will be performing songs written by:
Lloyd Peterson
Neil Young
Greg Macpherson
Alan Levandoski
JP Hoe
Andrew Neville

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