October 2, 2010

Aqua Books: Troy Burle Bailey's The Pierre Bonga Loops

Aqua Books, at
274 Garry Street, is presenting The Pierre Bonga Loops launch, on Saturday, October 2, at 7:00 p. m.

A documentary poem that lays bare the black presence in the northwest, The Pierre Bonga Loops is also about fathers and sons. 
Using images and text from documentary sources including the Hudson’s Bay Company Archive, Bailey has constructed an important, innovative and exciting book.

Born in the 1780s Bonga was the son of freed slaves who worked for J. Sayer & Co. in 1795 at Fond du Lac.  He was employed by the North West Co., the South West Co. & the American Fur Co. in their Fond du Lac Departments. 

Troy Burle Bailey's stomping grounds in 1960s Northern Manitoba provided hockey, baseball and exploration activities in nearby forests. 
His Africadian father and Polish-Ukrainian mother nurtured the diverse space in which Bailey learned the world. 
Drum lessons from jazz musician Delbert Wagner, self-taught art, collaborating on dance, image/film loops, spoken word, and music with collective Moment Device for perfomance, encouraged Bailey's creative stream in education. 
Bailey graduated B.A. Creative Communications in 2002.
He completed The Pierre Bonga Loops in 2010.

Have a great day.  How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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