October 12, 2010

Mayor Sam Katz Declines Aboriginal Invitation

On October 18, North End Votes will be hosting an All Candidates Mayoral forum at the Indian and Métis Friendship Centre.  Three out of the four candidates have confirmed their attendance. 

Mayor Sam Katz has declined.

Julie Lafreniere wants to encourage all Aboriginal people, especially the youth, to vote.  "We are the fastest growing demographic and if we have our voices heard, we can change the face of this city, and country."

North End Votes (NEV) is a coalition of organizations and residents in the North End of Winnipeg who are trying to spread the word about the importance of voting.

Ashlee Cochrane, Volunteer Coordinator at NEV said, "The North End of Winnipeg has the lowest voter turn out in the city. This has been attributed to many things... people not being informed, polling stations not being accessible and/or simply not caring.  North End Votes has been working to inform people about the candidates, dates and process to voting."

"It’s certainly upsetting that the current Mayor of our city has declined this invitation.  I once heard Sam Katz say that Aboriginal people were Winnipeg’s greatest asset, but his actions certainly do not illustrate that he believes that.  

I would encourage all Aboriginal people in Winnipeg to attend the forum on the 18th and to make note of his absence when they take to the polling station," Forum moderator Julie Lafreniere added.

Have a great day.  How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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