October 20, 2010

Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering

IWGS is working with the FemRev/ RebELLEs organizing committee for the upcoming Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering to be held at UofW on May 20 to 23, 2011.

Contact Kim at IWGS at 786-9921 or  
or Sarah K. at 

In November, young feminists will be holding 'consultas' to create content for the Gathering.  The Winnipeg consulta will be held on Sunday November 21.  There will be approximately 80-100 people attending the 'consulta' and we need to provide folks with food.  There is also a huge need for support on committees.

There are many ways to help: 
- Donate pens, scrap paper, office supplies, rolls of brown craft paper, flipchart paper, old art supplies, bus tickets (all ages). 
 - Buy or bake buns, bread, cookies and freeze to donate.  Please label with vegetarian/vegan/non-veg and if it is gluten or dairy free. 
- Donate tea bags, juice, cans of tomatoes, beans/chickpeas etc. for chili.
- Save some root veggies in a cool place to donate in May.
- Offer to help cook.
- Ask your local restaurant/coffee shop/corner store for a donation.
We can pick up office supplies/non-perishable food or you can drop them off to us.  
Perishables can be picked up on Nov 19 and 20. 

Have a great day.  How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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