October 16, 2010

Sam Katz's Caper: One Lousy Foot - by Margaret Ullrich

I haven't done this much Math since I was in school.  
Don't ask what happened to the boulevard clippings this summer...

Our neighborhood is that modern mess of bays and coves, designed to discourage people from racing through.  They also confuse anyone trying to find an address.  In these rabbit warrens there are quite a few corner lots.

The City of Winnipeg takes care of boulevards if they are 18 feet deep.  Fully aware of this loophole, the planners made damn sure we had 17 foot boulevards.  So it's up to the saps who live on corner lots to take care of public property at no cost to other taxpayers.  There aren't sidewalks so it's just grass.

Okay, let's look at the numbers: 
A corner lot measures 100 feet by 35 feet.  That's the little corner of heaven that was bought.  That's what gets taxed.  

Then there's the boulevard.  Along the length there's an extra bit of grass, 17 feet by 117 feet.  Let's not forget the frontage - another 17 feet by 35 feet.  Let's not think about the extra watering, fertilizing, etc.

In the spirit of 'Take Pride, Winnipeg' everybody does his bit.  

We had an early spring.  Most of the thatch was raked by April 4.  Folks were working off the Easter dinner.  It was a nice day and Winnipeggers love to get a jump on spring activities.  A composter can only hold so much.  That thatch filled a hell of a lot of bags.  

City Hall thought they were being so helpful when they 'gave' citizens 4 yard waste collection days a year.

What the hell are we supposed to do with the boulevard clippings in June, July and August?

(Originally posted May 7, 2010)    

Have a great day.  How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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