October 1, 2010

Winnipeg Humane Society Releases Penelope & Wants Readers

Pink free-run “piggies”, representing The Winnipeg Humane Society, will be releasing Penelope the Sow from a real sow stall on the steps of the Manitoba Legislature on October 2 at 12 noon.

They will be asking the Manitoba Government to release all sows from their stalls in celebration of World Farm Animals Day.  

Penelope, a model sow crafted to actual sow dimensions and confined inside a real sow stall that is standard issue in Manitoba’s hog industry, has become a local celebrity at schools, malls and universities and an educational icon of The Winnipeg Humane Society as part of the Society’s Quit Stalling Campaign to end the use of sow stalls.

She has educated thousands of Manitobans about the harsh realities of industrial-style farming, in which breeding sows are confined their entire adult lives.  

"There is definitely a role for the Government of Manitoba to play in getting rid of sow stalls.  Like Europe, the Government of Manitoba could implement a reasonable phase-out period for sow stalls.  
They could also offer incentives to breeders who voluntarily choose to replace cages with free-run systems (group housing).  'Doing nothing' is unfair to these poor animals," says John Youngman. 

Sow stalls are already banned in the UK and will be banned throughout the EU in 2013. 


There are still a few spots left in the new WHS Book Club! 
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Have a great day.  How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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