October 9, 2010

Sam Katz's Caper: The 11 Day Week - by Margaret Ullrich

Ah, holidays.  How much garbage will you have from Thanksgiving?

Okay...  It looked good on paper.  

Lots of really smart government folks did a lot of math.
According to their math, a brand new garbage cart - with wheels - could hold all the garbage a normal, healthy, God-fearing, tree-hugging Winnipeg family of any size could generate in 7 days.  I mean, really, experts know, you know?  

It was a real good system.  They were so pleased with themselves.

Like I said.  It looked good on paper.

Unfortunately that piece of paper wasn't a calendar.  A calendar with holidays.  

Garbage-wise Winnipeg is divided into 5 sections.  Garbage is collected Monday to Friday.  A day for each section.  When there's a holiday the garbage collection day is pushed ahead a day.  Only fair.  Garbage collectors get a holiday, too.

When the new system began, garbage in northwest Winnipeg was being collected on Wednesday.  Then we had Louis Riel Day and Thursday became our collection day.  Okay.  That's only an extra day's garbage.  We're Winnipeggers.  We can handle a little inconvenience.

Now we're facing Good Friday and Easter.  A double header holiday.  It doesn't matter what religion you do or don't follow.  In our neighborhood you won't see monster trucks swinging carts into the air for 11 days.  Basically a week and a half.  

A week and a half with a holiday dinner - turkey or ham - and all the garbage that creates.


(Originally posted March 28, 2010)   

Have a great day.  How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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