February 21, 2011

Dogs & Storks

Dogs & Storks workshop is bursting with tips and information that gets families started immediately in preparing for life with a dog and a baby under one roof. 

Families will explore the subtle language of dogs, ways to include their dog before and after baby arrives and many more ideas that will help with a smooth transition.

The next class is on Monday, February 28 
from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at The Winnipeg Humane Society.

Although it is a 2-hour session, we allot extra time for the many questions participants have afterwards.

Each session is led by certified dog trainer, Juli Wilson of Antler Creek K9. 

Cost: $25 per person 
Please leave your furry family member home.

To register call 982-3555. 
Pre-registration is required.

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