February 13, 2011

McNally Robinson: Michael Matthews

McNally Robinson, 1120 Grant Avenue, presents a talk series in the Travel Alcove highlighting Winnipeg’s best known composers. Each event will features samples of original work accompanied by a talk and discussion by the local composer. 

This Tuesday, February 15, at 7:30 pm, they will feature the work of Michael Matthews.

Inspired by the worlds of nature and literature, Michael Matthews creates music that compels the listener to step beyond the everyday to dwell for a while in images of paradox, to consider the ever-changing tapestry of life.

Matthews’ music has been performed in countries around the world. In Canada, Matthews has been commissioned, and his work performed, by the Winnipeg Symphony, the Edmonton, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, the Saskatoon Symphony, Groundswell and CBC Radio.

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll Free 1-800561-1833)

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