February 9, 2011

Ken McGoogan: How the Scots Invented Canada

On Saturday February 12, at 1:00 pm, Ken McGoogan will be at Mc Nally Robinson, Grant Park by the Cash Desk, signing copies of his book How the Scots Invented Canada.

No matter where you enter the history of Canada – through exploration, politics, business, education or literature - you find that the Scots and their descendants have played a leading role. 

Today, almost five million Canadians identify themselves as Scottish, and their influence is felt throughout the land. Starting with his own deep roots in Scotland and early Canada, Ken McGoogan has created a lively, entertaining narrative that focuses on more than sixty Scots who have led the way in shaping this country. 

Beautifully illustrated and handsomely packaged, How the Scots Invented Canada is an exuberant celebration of the building of a nation.

Ken McGoogan is the author of the national bestsellers Fatal Passage, Ancient Mariner and Lady Franklin’s Revenge
He has won the Drainie-Taylor Biography Prize, the CA History Award, the Grant MacEwan Author’s Award and a Christopher Award. In 2006, he won the prestigious Pierre Berton Award for his body of work.

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