February 19, 2011


Bring the love, bring the hate ...
It's Winnipeg Poetry Slam's first themed Slam of the Season: Love Slam/ Slam Love on Thursday, February 24, from 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm.

5 bucks at the door.

You must be at the King's Head Pub & Eatery to sign up. 
We will be going 2 rounds with 8 poets. 

Alessandra Naccarato is a spoken word artist and community organizer based in Montreal, Quebec. 
She has graced stages from New York to Buenos Aires, Halifax to Victoria, and twice represented Montreal at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, placing third nationally in 2009 and 2010. 
The Artistic Director of Throw Poetry Collective and the Co-Chair of Spoken Word Canada, she was named one of Montreal's top emerging artists by Nightlife Magazine.
Her latest chapbook, Beekeepers, Hurricanes & Men Who Catch Pigeons is a collection of poems for recent lovers.

Our Sacrifical Poet will be Van The Man. 
Also we will be joined by local poet and author Carmelo Militano.  The Sisler High School teacher is one of the Manitoba’s few members of the League of Canadian poets. 


You have 3 minutes with a 10 sec grace period to perform. 
If you go over - you are deducted .5 for every 15 seconds over.
No props or costumes.

The poet's names will be picked by the host. 
There will be 5 judges.
For the second round, the last person will go first and so on.
If you place in the top 4 - you are entered into the Semi-Finals.
Jenn, Paul, Van and Kitty have already made it into the Semis!

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