February 17, 2011

Winnipeg Humane Society: Tales & Yarns

Share your pets’ story with The Winnipeg Humane Society.  The WHS is hoping to gather 1001 pet stories before  the Iams 1001 Donations radio/telethon.  
What’s the cutest story you can share? 
How did you meet?
What are your favorite activites? 
What are your pets quirks (we all know they have them!)?

On March 20  from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm The WHS plans on sharing some of these stories as we broadcast live from the shelter on Shaw TV and BOB and FAB FM. 

All proceeds from the sale will be directed towards caring for the animals in the shelter and around the community.


Do you have extra yarn? We are looking for donations for our volunteers who knit our pets blankies. Any colours/patterns will do in any amount. We know our pets really appreciate the warm, fuzzy blankets to sleep in - sometimes they even get to take them home with them, to make the transition from the shelter a little easier.

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