February 11, 2011

J. Keith Hyde: Kierkegaard & Nietzsche

On Sunday February 13,  at 2:00 pm, J. Keith Hyde will be at Mc Nally Robinson, Grant Park in the Atrium, launching his book Concepts of Power in Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.

This book situates Kierkegaard in direct dialogue with Nietzsche on the topic of power and authority.

Dr. J. Keith Hyde teaches at University College of the North, Thompson and specializes in interdisciplinary discourse between English literature, theology and philosophy, with an emphasis on the 19th century. 
He has taught at the University of Winnipeg; St. John’s College, University of Manitoba; and Booth University College. 
He has contributed an entry on Søren Kierkegaard in the forthcoming Oxford Guide to the Reception of Augustine.

Friedrich Nietzsche has become synonymous with studies in political power. The application of his theory that the vast array of human activities comprises manifestations of the will to power continues to influence many diverse fields. 
The introduction of Søren Kierkegaard into this discussion has been gradual at best. Long derided as the quintessential individualist, the social dimension of his fertile thought has been neglected until recent decades. 

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