February 6, 2011

Train Magazines

You might be wondering "How do I know I'm getting a 'Great Deal?"  
Maybe these guys are a bunch of snake oil hucksters who'll give me 5 bucks for a real collector's item.  
I mean, how do I know what a 50-year-old toy is worth?

Well, outside of the fact that you know you're dealing with some really nice fellow Winnipeggers, there is a way to know what's a fair price.  
There's actually a price guide.    

Greenberg's Guides - Lionel Trains is a pocket price guide for all Lionel trains made since 1901.  It's edited by Roger Carp and published by Kalmbach Books.  

It's the same book the fellows at the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club will be using throughout the auction.  Members will be glad to let you look up a price. 

Greenberg's Guides - Lionel Trains also has useful material on collecting, operating and caring for your Lionel trains. 

Classic Toy Trains Magazine, which publishes 9 issues a year
are other handy reference publications.

Call 1-800-533-6644 for details or view online.

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