February 26, 2011

Jeanne Randolph: Artmaking & Freud

Psychiatrist and performance artist Jeanne Randolph will present a lecture on the impact of Freud’s work on feminist artmaking. This performative presentation, combining seemingly random images, will take place at MAWA, 611 Main Street, on Friday March 4, from noon to 1:00 pm.  

Jeanne Randolph is one of Canada’s foremost cultural theorists, and has written, published and lectured for over thirty years.   

She is the author of four books: Psychoanalysis and Synchronized Swimming; Symbolization and Its Discontents; Why Stoics Box and The Ethics of Luxury. She has contributed texts to numerous monographs and exhibition catalogues.   

Randolph is the only writer in Canada to develop an Object Relations psychoanalytic theory as a medium for cultural criticism. 

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